In 2015 COSMOS launched a new prize for photography at his digital era ! Photographers of all ages and styles can participate and share their vision of photography. The candidates participate via a digital portfolio, in the PDF-format, and were invited to send a project realized between 2014 and 2015, and which redefines our understanding of the limits of photography. The PDF should consist of at least 15 pages, maximum 25 pages in the A4 format, in adequate definition and with less than 4 MB. The first page should carry your name, country and the necessary information to understand what the project is about (A text in english or french, image-type, titles, formats, copyrights).
Taking part was free, the deadline was the 15th of June 2015.
The jury was composed of 10 persons from photography and photobooks. A shortlist of 10 PDF’s has been announced on the 20th of June 2015.
The PDF’s are accessible below. Each one of the 10 shortlisted has been given a free T-shirt upon visiting COSMOS Arles Books during the first week of the Rencontres D’Arles. On the 22nd of June the winner has been announced.
Its project was printed by a professional studio (Atelier Sunghee Lee of Arles), in two versions, and presented during two monthes during COSMOS Arles Books.
The winner has received one exemplary of the printed portfolios.

PDF Award jury 2015:
Luce Lebart- Director of photography collections at SFP (Société Française de Photographie)
Yannick Bouillis- Director at Offprint projects Paris/ London
Frédérique Destribats- Translator + publisher at D. Books
Françoise Vogt- Head of cultural sponsorship at PMU 
Sunghee Lee- Photographer and Director of Atelier SHL
OAI13- Web log dedicated to photography
Anna Planas- Co-Director at Temple/ Paris
Benjamin Diguerher- Publisher at Poursuite
Markus Schaden- Publisher and founder of Photobook Museum in Köln
Anne Fourès- Head of portfolio reviews at rencontres d’Arles

Short list of the COSMOS PDF Award 2015 :
#10 ex-equo : Yulia Krivich From Ukrainia
#10 ex-equo : Clement Paradis from France
#8 ex-equo : Mila Lignel from France
#8 ex-equo : Alfonso Moral from Spain
#7 : Tomas Mutsaers from Netherlands
#6 : Carlos Garcia Martinez from Spain
#5 :Brenda Biondo from USA
#4 :Michel Le Belhomme from France
#3 :Fosi Vegue from Spain
#2 : Marie Queau from France

#1 winner of the Cosmos PDF Award 2015 : Hannah Darabi from Iran

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