Le CLUB 013

Publishers :
AMAN IMAN Publishing (FR)
Archive of Modern Conflict (UK)
Le BAL Books (FR)
Café Lehmitz (DE)
ELSE Magazine (CH)
FOAM Magazine (NL)
Editions FP & CF (FR)
Galerie 2600 (FR)
GwinZegal (FR)
Editions Lutanie (FR)
Mörel Books (UK)
RVB Books (fr)
Pierre Von Kleist (PT)
Poursuite (FR)
White Press (DE)

Exhibitions :
Imaginary CLUB by Oliver Sieber
A SPACE AGE by Archive of Modern Conflict
These americans by Doug Rickard
Demoniac Babble by Estelle Hanania

Conferences and events :
Gregoire Eloy “Black matter”
Geoffroy Mathieu et Bertrand Stofleth “paysages usagés”
Nicolas Giraud “Jaques Chirac”
Edmund Clark “Control Order House”
Conversation Simon Baker and Emile Hyperion-Dubuisson
Guy Robertson (Live : Photography in action)
Nordic Now by Nina Strand
Stephanie Solinas + Lea Bismut (Collecting identities)
Erik Kessel + Ruth Van Beek + Yannick Bouillis : (collecting and book making)
Cristina de Middel "Afro Jacket"
Daido Moriyama Slideshow
Off the wall magazine