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Publishers :
Florence Loewy by Artists (FR)
Archive of Modern Conflict (UK)
Schaden.com (DE)
Galerie 2600 (FR)

Exhibition “After archive” :
LA BREA Matrix
Eric Tabuchi
Mirko Zander
Aymeric Fouquez
Simon Scanner
Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
Gael Pollin
Nicolas Giraud
Rémy Lidereau
Johan Attia
Olivier Metzger
Laura Bielau
Rachid Data
Olivier Cablat
Stephen shore

Conferences and events :
Errata Editions by Jeffrey Ladd
Shoot your Goal by Pierre Schwartz
Temples by Olivier Cablat
Live slideshow by Stephen Gill
A small mathematic exercises book - Applicated in a nascar race by Johan Attia
Böhm/Kobayashi Publishing Project
LA BREA Matrix project by Markus Schaden
Hyper Trophy by Eric Tabuchi
Book launch Paloma Al Aire by Ricardo Cases