By Stephen Gill, England (1971)

British photographer Stephen Gill experimented with water and photography to come up with the strange images in this series. Commissioned by the CNA Luxembourg he documented the life of the inhabitants of the small town of Dudelange, taking the water tower as his starting point and experimenting with the effects of fluids on his images. The limits of perception, and filtering of information and the enhancement of the sensory capabilities of the camera are subjects at play in this work, which has also been published as a self-published artist's book.
Images Festival, Vevey, together with ECAL (Judith Chauvel-Lévy, Mathieu Lang and Léos Llambias) have developed this presentation of the artist's work, which was presented at Vevey in 2016. For the Rencontres d'Arles, Cosmos presents a variation of the original deployment.

The Gate

By Christian Lutz, Switzerland (1973)

For years Christian Lutz has been working as a documentary photographer concerned with subjects such as economies, religion and politics. The installation 'The Gates', part of a larger work on migration, in this form produced by the artist together with the Vidy theatre in Lausanne, sets the possibly ordinary life of swiss citizens against portraits of migrants and refugees.
This installation was produced and presented by the Vidy theater in Lausanne, as a part of the Festival Images Vevey 2016.


By Elisa Larvego, Switzerland (1984)

The barricades in Elisa Larvego's series have been constructed in protest against the construction of an airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in western France. Not only are they a contemporary resistance practice, they can also be seen as DIY and ephemeral structures. The resistance is not ironicized, it's esthetics are not commodified.
The exhibition was purposed by the CP Geneva.

46 Super-8 Filme

By Roman Signer, Switzerland (1938)

As an artist working with sculptures, installations and video Roman Signer has for over 50 years created an oeuvre that is well-known worldwide. We have chosen a selection of his videos that are seldom shown in the context of contemporary photography, as they confront us with simple questions relating to construction and experimentation.
Thanks to MétisPresses, Häusler Contemporary and Carmen de Valle.

Covers and videos

By Luis Urculo, Spain (1978)

At the intersection ofarchitecture, sculptural practices, design, cinema and photography, Luis Urculo's works are principally inspired by everyday environments and the ordinary. He produces sculptures that are turned into choerographed perfomance pieces in a theatracial setting and accompanied by sound.
Proposed by Carmen de Valle we are happy to show for the first time in France several pieces of Luis Urculo :
Covers (6´41´´/ 2011)
Sum la candida (1´29´´/2013)
Ensayo sobre la ruina (Essai sur la ruine, 3' 56' /2012)
Casa Sáenz (2´50´´/2013)


By Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber, Deutschland (1968 and 1966)

"You and Me" is the name of a restaurant in Bowling Green (USA) owned by the protagonist of this story, Indira. The artists had met her when she stayed in Germany as a refugee of the Bosnian war, leaving Germany to live in the States when the german government asked Bosnian refugees to return to their home country after the end of the Yugoslav wars. This projects documents the artists trip searching Indira across the US, in the form of an installation and an artist's book.
This project has been supported by the MOCA Chicago, Goethe-Institut, and has most recently the prize of the Luma Rencontres dummy book award. It has been published by Spector books.

Showcase projects :

Published by ... / Jonathan Monk
White cover / by Hannah Darabi
Cosmos PDF Award 2017
Journal / Samuel Gratacap / by Gwinzegal
Post / Geirmundur Klein
L'heure du tigre / Jonathan Llense