EDITION 4 : Exhibit the photobook

While intergalactic telescopes are sending us images from 600 billion kilometres away we hardly know what our neighbours do. Cosmos takes down separations between far and near, old and new, artists, collectors, publishers, professionals and amateurs. We don’t believe in distinctions between the horizontal images (the printed page), vertical images (the gallery wall) and digital images. All are but intermediary forms in order to tell us stories about the world we live in, local, regional, international, narratives, expressions, poetry and art that we believe in.

And during this week we share and test these beliefs. The photobook as a social sculpture, The Family of no Man, the Unknown Soldiers, the Cosmos PDF Award, Hyper Media Lab, in part curated by us, in part by our guest curators, are ways of engaging with the public, discussing the medium, and via the medium our place in the world. With 85 publishers, bookshops, galleries, institutions, photographers participating in our fair we present to our visitors photographic work in bookform from all over the world: a multitude of discoveries, visions & voices, new perspectives and a space to meet and discuss what’s important to us, for a shared future.

Olivier Cablat & Sebastian Arthur Hau